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Thursday, 12/12/2018


I. General

II. Activities

A.Industrial products

1. Classed marine products

  • Hull metal material
  • Anchoring and mooring equipment
  • Equipment and outfit
  • Rudder and steering gear
  • Pumps and piping
  • Boiler and pressure vessel
  • Machinery
  • Electrical equipment and automation
  • Shafting and thruster
  • Welding consumables
  • Welding process
  • Certified welders
  • Training welders
  • Corrosion resistant means
  • Nonmetallic materials
  • Miscellaneous

2. Statutory marine products

  • Fire-resisting material and equipment
  • Fire-extinguishing system and equipment
  • Fire detector and alarm system
  • Life-saving appliances and arrangements
  • Environmental protection equipment and material
  • Communication, navigation and signaling equipment
  • Miscellaneous

3. Other

  • Lifting appliances – safe work load of over 1000 kg.

B.Service suppliers

Detail set out in the annex

Phòng Công nghiệp - Cục Đăng kiểm Việt Nam
(Industrial Department – Vietnam Register)

- Địa chỉ/add: Số 18 Phạm Hùng, Mỹ Đình, Từ Liêm, Hà Nội
- Điện thoại/Tel: +84 4 37684715 (ext.411)
- Fax : +84 4 37684769
- Email : anhv@vr.org.vn

III. Approved Marine products                                 Top

A. List of certification and inspection requipments for classed marine products

    1.0 List of approved hull metal material

    2.0 List of approved Anchoring and mooring equipment

    3.0 List of approved equipment and outfit

    4.0 List of approved rudder and steering gear

    5.0 List of approved pums and piping

    6.0 List of approved boiler and pressure vessel

    7.0 List of approved machinery

    8.0 List of approved electrical equipment and automation

    9.0 List of approved shafting and thruster

    10.0 List of approved welding consumables

    11.0 List of approved corrosion resistant means

    12.0 List of approved nonmetallic materials

    13.0 List of approved miscellaneous

B. List of cetification and inspection requirements for statutory marine products

    1.0 List of approved fire-resisting matterial and equipments

    2.0 List of approved fire-extinguishing system and equipment

    3.0 List of approved life-saving appliances and alarm system

    4.0 List of approved life-saving appliances and arrangements

    5.0 List of approved environmental protection equipment and material

    6.0 List of approved communication, navigation and signaling equipment

    7.0 List of approved miscellaneous

C.List of cetification and inspection requirements for lifting appliances

D.List of approved manufacturer

E.List of approved service suppliers

    1.0 Laboratory - LAB

    2.0 List of approved firms engaged services of lifeboat

    3.0 List of approved firms engaged in services of life-saving appliance

    4.0 List of approved fire fighting equipment

    5.0 List of approved firms engged in thickness measurement of ship

    6.0 List of approved firms engged in ferformance test of GMDSS

IV. Technical announcement                                 Top

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