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Thursday, 12/12/2018

River going Ship


Registration of inland water-craft

Vietnam Register (VR) is carrying out professional state management of technical safety for inland water-craft and organizing unified survey network through out the country. Registration system for inland water-craft is a part of VR functions, which consists of the unified system from the H.O to local provinces-Classification and Register of river-going ship Department in the VR Head Office and VR Offices/Branches and water-craft Registration Offices in the provincial authorities.


Technical safety supervision for inland water-craft

1. Classification and Register of River-going Ship Department

Classification and Register of River-going Ship Department has the following functions, responsibilities and jurisdictions:

  1. Advise and conduct technical supervision, classification, tonnage measurement and registration of water-craft;
  2. Organize to apply of Rules and Regulations development; To organize verification of design during new construction, repair, conversion of water-craft.
  3. Research, draw up technical legal document for instructing Registration Units to implement policy and plan for technical supervision, classification, tonnage measurement.
  4. Research and propose exemptions from current requirements of legal document.
  5. Organize and conduct implementation of statistics registration, technical retention of river-going ships, including of administrative registration of river-going ships in compliance with the agreements between VR and local provincial Authorities. Annually publish Register of River-going ships.
  6. Take part in investigation of river-going ship’s casualty. Research and propose preventive measures; improve technical legal document; regularly report on casualties to management bodies.
  7. Take part in training activities of surveyors (prepare training material, tutor, etc.).
  8. Examine Registration Units and Surveyors on technical supervision, professional practice and working method for introduction and timely settlement.
  9. Sign professional document on behalf of VR General Director in accordance with applicable regulations.


2. Registration Units

  1. VR technical supervision system of river-going ship consists of 27 Offices and Branches and 37 water-craft Registration Offices under the Provincial Authorities. Registration Units are carrying out function of management, technical supervision and quality certification for inland water-craft in accordance with the Decision No 2059/QÐ/PC of the Ministry of Transport.
  2. Water-craft Registration Offices under the Provincial Authorities are subject to the professional instruction of VR.

Contact Address: 18 Pham Hung, My Dinh, Tu Liem, Ha Noi - Tel: 04-7684709 - Fax: 04-7684729

Legal documents

Legal documents, Rules and regulations relating to technical supervision activities of inland water-craft

A. Legal documents

  1. Decree No 40/CP dated July 25th 1996; Decree 77/1998/NÐ-CP dated Sep. 26th 1998, promulgated by the Government on the order and safety of inland waterway traffic.
  2. Decision No 2059 QÐ/PC dated Aug. 7th 1996, promulgated by Ministry of Transport on regulations for technical supervision of inland water-craft.
  3. Decision No 2687/2000QÐ-BGTVT dated Sep. 14th 2000, promulgated by Ministry of Transport on standards, responsibilities, and duties of inland water-craft Surveyors.
  4. Decision No 1651/2000QÐ-BGTVT dated June 21st 2000 on promulgation of professional standard "The Rules and regulations for the prevention of pollution from river-going ships" and "The Rules and Regulations for technical supervision and construction of small river-going ships".
  5. Decision No 2083 QÐ/KHKT dated Aug. 8th 1996, by Ministry of Transport on technical safety regulations for sport and pleasure boats.>
  6. Decision No 111/2002QÐ-BGTVT dated January 14th 2002, by Ministry of Transport on promulgation of professional standard "The Rules and regulations for Construction and Classification of dangerous chemical small Steel bulk Carrier".
  7. Decision No 2408/QÐ-PC dated Apr. 27th 1995 by interdisciplinary Ministry (Ministry of Transport and General Department of Gymnastics and Sport) on the regulations and management of operation of sport boats in inland water transportation.

B. Rules and standards for inland water-craft:

  1. Rules and Regulations for Construction and Classification of River-going Ship, TCVN 5801: 2000.
  2. Rules and Regulations for Technical Supervision and Construction of small River-going Ship, 22 TCN 265-2000.
  3. Rules and Regulations for Prevention of pollution from River-going ships, 22 TCN 264-2000.
  4. Rules and Regulations for Construction of wooden boats - Technical requirements, TCVN 3903-1984.
  5. Rules for Technical Supervision and Construction of Small Steel Ship, 22 TCN 132/96.
  6. Rules for Technical Safety of pleasure boats, 22 TCN 233/96.
  7. Rules and Regulations for Construction and Survey of glass reinforced plastic ships, TCVN 6282-1997.
  8. Rules and Regulations for Construction and Classification of dangerous chemical small Steel bulk Carrier, 22 TCN 281-01.
  9. Rules and Regulations for Construction of HSC, TCVN 6451: 1998.
  10. Standards for mooring buoys, 22 TCN 109/82.
  11. Standards for buoy chains, 22 TCN 108/82.
  12. Standards for water tight testing, 22 TCN 107/82.
  13. Standards for life saving appliances, 22 TCN 93/87 and 94/87.

C. Regulations and instructions

  1. Directive No 141/ÐK96 dated Aug. 10th 1996, instructing on implementation of Decision QÐ/2059/PC of Ministry of Transport.
  2. Directive No 449/ÐK98 dated December 4th 1998 on re-issuance of registry document.
  3. Directive No 145/ÐK97 dated July 1st 1997 on determination of docking survey period.
  4. Directive No 447/ÐK97 dated Nov. 31st 1998 - Instruction on implementation of Decree No 77/1998/ND-CP.
  5. Decisions No 162 ÐK/96, 182 ÐK/96 and 55 ÐK/97 instructing on draw up and issuance of registration document for inland water-craft.
  6. Decisions No 323/2001ÐK dated May 17th 2001 on regulations for survey and certification of draught of inland water-craft.
  7. Decision No 324/2001ÐK dated May 17th 2001 on receiving, review and implementation of survey request, receiving and distributing of directive.
  8. Decision No 444/2001ÐK dated June 28th 2001 on promulgation of VR recognized traditional model of ship.
  9. Decision No 445/2001ÐK dated June 28th 2001 on promulgation of the use and management of VR recognized traditional model of ship.
  10. Decision No 038/2002 ÐK dated Apr. 2nd 2002 by VR on issuance of Introduction on technical supervision and condition assessment of river going ships.
  11. Decision No 421/2001ÐK dated June 21st 2001 by VR on issuance of Introduction on implementation of the Rules and regulations for prevention pollution from river-going ships (22TCN 264-2000).

Beside the above mentioned documents, technical supervision should be in compliance with other relating legal documents, regulations and instructions of VR.

D. Documentation system issued to water-craft

Documentation System of issued to water-craft is operated by the river-going ship management program in the web, which consists of:

  1. Report for technical survey of inland water-craft - Form SA-01& SA-02.
  2. Report for displacement of inland water-craft - Form SA-03.
  3. Report for draught mark survey of inland water-craft - Form SA-04.
  4. Report for docking survey - Form SA-05.
  5. Report for passenger room survey - Form SA-06.
  6. Survey report (for new construction, conversion, repair, periodical and additional survey) - Form SA-07.
  7. Report for dead weight survey of inland water-craft - Form SA-08.
  8. Technical safety certificate for inland water-craft - Form SI-01.
  9. Certificate for carrying Dangerous chemical in bulk - Form SI-04.
  10. Report for pressure vessel survey - Form 11.1.4.
  11. Technical safety certificate for small inland water-craft - Form NS-2000.
  12. Technical registration record of inland water-craft - Form SÐK 2.2002.
  13. Controlling Note of Survey request - Form 12/HD03-01-1.
  14. Report for survey and certification of displacement - Form BSC-04.
  15. Statistic and summary statistic note - Form SÐK-1.2002.
  16. Report for technical supervision and summary technical supervision report - Form BCS-01.
  17. Report for statistic and technical supervision of sport and pleasure boats - Form BCS-02.
  18. Technical safety certificate for sport boats - Form TT-01.
  19. Survey report - Form TT-02.

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