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Thursday, 12/12/2018

Vietnam Register

  • Add: 18 Pham Hung - My Dinh - Tu Liem - Ha Noi
  • Office telephone: (04)37684840 - Fax: (04)37684779
  • Email: vr-id@vr.org.vn
General Director

Tran Ky Hinh Tel:04.37684777 Fax:04.37684779
Deputy General Directors

Nguyen Vu Hai Tel:04.37684999 Fax:04.37684779

Nguyen Huu Tri Tel:04.37684705 Fax:04.37684723

Dang Viet Ha Tel:04.37684715 (Ext 818) Fax:04.37684779

Nguyen Minh Cuong Tel:04.37684715 (Ext 336) Fax:04.37684779
Administrative Dept Tel: (04)37684719
Pham Dinh Hong 231
Rules and Development Dept Tel: (04)37684703


Nguyen Hong Viet 501  

Deputy Directors:

Nguyen Van Dung 510  
Luong Minh Hieu 505
Offshore Dept Tel: (04)37684718 Fax:(04)37684772
  Director Nguyen Thanh Binh 711
  Deputy Directors: Nguyen Tuan Anh 715
    Vu Ngoc Giap 718
Nguyen Huu Quang 716
Industrial Dept Tel: (04)37684713 Fax:(04)37684769
  Director Vũ Anh 411
  Deputy Directors: Nguyen Ngoc Hoa 802
Le Ba Hong Hai 866
Railway Dept Tel: (04)37684790 Fax:(04)37684771
  Director Tran Xuan Sinh 721
  Deputy Directors: Nguyen Duy Tan 722
    Phan Cao Te 723
Sea-going Ship Classification and Registry Dept Tel: (04)37684704 Fax: (04)37684722
  Director: Pham Hai Bang 530
  Deputy Directors: Nguyen Trong Tuong 522
    Tran Hieu Nhan 526
Hoang Le Huy 529
River-going Ship Classification and Registry Dept Tel: (04)37684709 Fax: (04)37684724
  Director Do Trung Hoc 701
Deputy Directors: Nguyen Van hoi 704
    Bui Quang Hung 708
Motor Vehicle and Equipment Quanlity Management Dept
Tel: (04)37684729 Fax: (04)37684730
  Deputy Directors: Nguyen Van Phuong 626
    Nguyen Dong Phong 632
Motor Vehicle Inspection Standing Group in HoChiMinh City Tel: (08)35122597 Fax: (08)35122609

Add: 35/10 - 35/12 Đường D5, P25, Q.Bình Thạnh, TP HCM

Motor Vehicle Technical Safety Inspection Dept (VAR) Tel: (04)37684705 Fax: (04)37684723
  Director Ngo Hong He 601
  Deputy Director Tran Anh Quan 611
Dang Tran Khanh 606

Representative in HoChiMinh City
Add: 35/10 - 35/12 Đường D5, P25, Q.Bình Thạnh, TP HCM

Tel: (08).35122639 Fax: (08).35122638
Internal Quality Assurance Dept Tel: (04)37684701
  Director Dinh Quoc Vinh 422
Environmental Dept Tel: (04)37684728
  Director Le Anh Tu 211
VR Premises Contruction Dept Tel: (04)37684710 Fax: (04)37681738
Director Nguyen Hong Kien 402
Deputy Director Pham Quang Minh 403
International Cooperation Dept Tel: (04)37684716 Fax: (04)37684727
  Director Nguyen Huu Phan 221               Email: vr-id@vr.org.vn
Personnel Dept Tel: (04)37684702 Fax: (04)37684702
  Director Nguyen Thi Phuong An
Deputy Director Nguyen Duc Nghia 202
Finacial And Accounting Dept Tel: (04)37684838


  Director Vo Thanh Binh 461
  Deputy Directors: Pham Gia Thang 466
Nguyen Thi Cham 462
Informic Center (04)37684778
  Director Nguyen Quang Dat 441
  Deputy Director Nguyen Minh Tuan 443
VR Journal Tel: (04)37684717 Email:vr@hn.vnn.vn
  Editor-in-chief To Van Ngoc 231
Vietnam Register Quality And Safety Management System Certification Center (VRQC)
Tel: (04)37684715 Fax: (04)37684720
  Deputy Directors: Pham Thanh Truong 454
    Dao Dinh Tien 453
Traing Center Tel: (04)37684714 Fax: (04)37684726
  Director Dao Ngoc Xuat 804
Vietnam Register Motor Vehicle Testing Center Tel: (04)37683598 Fax: (04)37683599
  Deputy Directors: Do Bien Cuong 823
    Tran Bach Khai 816
Pham Minh Thanh

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Design review and approval and Control of surveys on offshore installations

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Sea-going Ship

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River-going Ship Classification and Registry

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Motor Vehicle and Equipment Quality Management
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