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Thursday, 12/12/2018

Hot lines 24/24 & 7/7

I. Sea-going ship Class Dept.

  1. PHAM HAI BANG (Mr.) - Title: Acting Director
  2. Mobile: 0913.514.566

    Email: bangph@vr.org.vn

  3. NGUYEN TRONG TUONG - Title: Vice Director
  4. Mobile: 0913.239.764

    Email: tuongnt@vr.org.vn

  5. TRAN HIEU NHAN - Title: Vice Director
  6. Mobile: 0904.717.879


II: Offshore Service Dept.

  1. TRAN VAN VAN - Title: Director
  2. Mobile: 0912.495.593

    Email: vantv@vr.org.vn

  3. VU NGOC GIAP - Title: Vice Director
  4. Mobile: 0913.028.088

    Email: vungocgiap@vr.org.vn

  5. NGUYEN THANH BINH - Title: Vice Director
  6. Mobile: 0913.54.925

    Email: binhnt@vr.org.vn

III: Vehicle Quality Management Dept. (VAR)

  1. NGUYEN HUU TRI - Title: Director
  2. NGO HONG HE - Title: Vice Director
  3. Mobile: 0983.059.159

    Email: henh@vr.org.vn

  4. TRAN ANH QUAN - Title: Vice Director
  5. Mobile: 0983.335.668

    Email: quanta@vr.org.vn

IV: Vehicle Quality Management Dept. (VAQ)

  1. NGUYEN DONG PHONG - Title: Vice Director
  2. Mobile: 0903.429.717

    Email: phongnd@vr.org.vn

  3. NGUYEN VAN PHUONG - Title: Vice Director
  4. Mobile: 0912.514.545

    Email: phuongnv@vr.org.vn

V: Quality and safety management system certification (VRQC)

  1. NGUYEN KIM VIET - Title: Director
  2. Mobile: 0913.203.593

    Email: vietnk@vr.org.vn

  3. PHAM THANH TRUONG - Title: Vice Director
  4. Mobile: 0916.899.959

    Email: truongpt@vr.org.vn

  5. DAO DINH TIEN - - Title: Vice Director
  6. Mobile: 0903.275.567

    Email: tiendd@vr.org.vn

VI: National motor vehicle emission test center NETC)

  1. PHAM QUANG THANH - Title: Director
  2. Mobile: 0913.597.467

    Email: thanhpq@vr.org.vn

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Vietnam Register Quality and Safety Management System Certification Center

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Design review and approval and Control of surveys on offshore installations

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Control of surveys/inspection of materials, equipment, machineries, etc

Sea-going Ship

Sea-going Ship Classification and Registry

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River-going Ship Classification and Registry

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