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Thursday, 12/12/2018

Vietnam Register Quality and Safety Certification Center (VRQC)

I. IntroductionTop

Vietnam Register Quality and safety Certification Center (VRQC) is an independent body of Vietnam Register and is authorised to carry out cetification of management system. VRQC is established under the Decision number 1701/2002/QĐ-BGTVT of Minitry of Transport, date 30th May, 2001.

VRQC is the sole organisation in Vietnam authorised by MOT to carry out audits and certification of companies and ships according to ISM Code and ISPS code.

VRQC's quality management system has been accredited according to ISO/IEC 17021:2006.

The functions and responsibilities of VRQC

  • Traning of managers overseeing quality, safety and environment systems in accordance with international and national standards.
  • Audits and certification of QMS in compliance with ISO 9000, EMS in compliance with ISO 14000, SMS in compliance with ISM Code and security system according to ISPS Code.
  • Co-operation with international organisation and competent sate bodies to carry out its duties.

II. International Safety Management Code (ISM code)Top

The causes of maritime accidents have been paid priority attention from the industry with the objective is to prevent accident from happening rather than carrying out corrective actions. The results of maritime accident investigations have pointed out that direct of in-direct human elements contributed to more then 80% of the accidents. The majority of human errors involved with management activities which up to the late 90s of the 20th century have not been adequately addressed by IMO instruments.

The international Safety Management Code is an international standard on management aiming to ensure safety and pollution prevention. The ISM Code is made mandatory since 1st July 1998 under SOLAS 1974.

The ISM Code has been amended by:

  • MSC.104(73) resolution on December 2000, effective from 1st July 2002.
  • MSC.179(79) resolution on December 2000, effective from 1st July 2006.
  • MSC.195(80) resolution on May 2005, effective from 1st January 2009.
  • MSC.273(85) resolution on December 2008, effective from 1st July 2010.

Procedure for audit and certification of companies and ships is governed by MOT's Circular No. 32/2011/TT-BGTVT, dated 19th April 2011, which amended MOT's Decision No. 51/2005/QĐ-BGTVT, dated 12th October 2005, regulating Vietnam Register's classification activities.

Company sends audit applications to Vietnam Register by fax, e-mail or post. Upon receiving the application, Vietnam Register appoint auditor to lead the audit, he is responsible for liaisons with the company to make necessary arrangements for the audit. Certificates shall be issued upon successful audit results.


III. International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS code)Top

After the November 9, 2001 attack on the US, the global maritime industry has seriously reviewed international maritime security. In December, 2002, the 22nd Assembly of IMO adopted amendment to Chapter XI-2, SOLAS 1974 and approved a new code – the International Ship and Port Facility Code.

The ISPS Code comprises of two parts: Part A – Mandatory requirements and Part B - Guidance. The SOLAS Chapter XI-2 and ISPS Code is enforced from 1st July, 2004 for ships from 500 GT upward engaged in international voyages and port facilities servicing these ships.

On the 16th September, 2003, The Prime Minister issued Decision No. 191/2003/QĐ-TTg which approves the 2002 amendments to SOLAS 1974 including Chapter XI-2 and ISPS Code. This decision has effect on Vietnamese Flagged vessels and Vietnamese port facilities.

On the 14th April, The Minister of MOT approved Circular No. 27/2011/TT-BGTVT which defines the procedures for approval of Ship Security Plan and the audit and certification of ship security.

For ships fall under the scope of ISPS Code, company shall carry out Ship Security Assessment (SSA) according to Guidelines for SSA issued by Vietnam Register. Base upon the result of SSA, company shall establish Ship Security Plan (SSP) specific to each ship managed by the company which shall be then submitted to Vietnam Register for approval. The SSP is reviewed and only after it is found adequate, SSP is stamped and Letter of Approval is issued. Company shall implement SSP on board ships. Ships shall be audited for the issue of International Ship Security Certificate.


IV. Technical InformationTop

Safety Management Information

  1. ISM Code 2008
  2. Owner Declaration of Company and DPA/ CSO
  3. Guidelines for the operational Implementation of the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code) by Companies (MSC-MEPC.7.Circ.5)
  4. Guidance on the qualification, training and experience necessary for undertaking the role of the designated person under the provisions of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code (MSC-MEPC.7.Circ.6)
  5. Guidance on Near-Miss Reporting (MSC-MEPC.7.Circ.7)

Maritime Security Information

  1. ISPS Code
  2. Guidance relating to the implementation of SOLAS Chapter XI-2 and the ISPS Code (MSC/Circ.1097)
  3. Company's Self-checklist for SSA/SSP
  4. BMP 4
  5. Resolution MSC.209(81) Adoption of amendments to STCW Code
  6. Guidelines on security-related training and familiarization for shipboard personnel (MSC/Circ.1235)

MLC 2006 Information

Vietnam Register Quality and Safety Certification Center (VRQC) – Vietnam Register)

- Add: 18 Pham Hung, My Dinh, Tu Liem, Ha Noi
- Tel: +84 4 37684715 (ext.451)
- Fax: +84 4 37684720
- Email: Viet@vr.org.vn; Truongpt@vr.org.vn

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