Automobile inspection and sanctions for excess emission permits


In the morning of 7/21/2010, the Department of Transport Ho Chi Minh City in cooperation with Vietnam Register conducted emissions tests for passenger cars and city buses in Ho Chi Minh City area.

  • ​Phase 1 began on 21 to 28-7. The authorities will check the passenger cars and buses at the bus station east and west, and the parking lot of the cooperative.
  • Phase 2 began on 1-8 and ended 31-10.

In order not to cause inconvenience to other units, the City Department of Transportation will schedule and check prior notice to each enterprise. Agency functions will randomly select vehicles for inspection. In phase one, the vehicles exceed emissions standards will not be sanctioned. Vehicle owners will be requested for maintenance, repair and test for eligibility. In phase 2, the vehicle that exceeds emission standards will be fined by the Government Decree 34.

Author: International Cooperation Dept, VR